Our Approach

Grow Global integrates sustainability across every level of its value chains. At a time when the relationship between climate change and food security are more apparent than ever, we are committed to doing our part and using our scale and connectivity to help lead the industry forward.
We believe that our position in the global food system enables us to unite our stakeholders from farmers to consumers and governments and to promote actions that help to support sustainable agriculture.
To meet today's challenges and contribute to the solutions ahead, we have defined sustainability goals, incorporating activities and commitments that will support robust action on climate change, promote responsible supply chains and provide accountability for all that we do.


Our commitment to being responsible corporate citizens starts at the very top of the organization. We oversee the development of relevant sustainability policies, strategies and programs, including performance goals, risk management and disclosure.

The Sustainable Development Goals

We are doing our part to support global efforts for a more sustainable planet. That is why Grow Global supports efforts, to achieve a variety of activities aligning with the government of India to find ways to meet them by 2030.

Sustainable Farming

We provide farmers with programs on productive farming techniques that support biodiversity and safe environment farming practices. This is achieved through methods that improve the quality and consistency of crops, while achieving higher yield and increased return on investments. We are dedicated to supporting origin farming and educating agricultural communities from where we source our raw materials.


Grow Global is committed to environmental stewardship and sustainable business practices by eliminating waste, reducing energy usage, reducing packaging, and increased use of renewable energy sources.

Backward Integration

Application of hygiene, cleanliness, limited use of pesticides, and improving water retention are one of our initiatives to sustainable farming. Through our Backward Integration Farming we work directly with farmers to develop and implement scientific, sanitary agricultural practices, processing methods, and storage techniques. Our farmers are encouraged for the application of organic soil inputs to increase soil fertility and improve water retention. They are educated for hygienic drying and grading of harvested products. We collect raw materials from standardised collection centres to match our specifications and requirements as per international standards.